Friday, September 2, 2011

Kingergarten Quotes

Miss Claire as she is so lovingly called by her brother started Kindergarted this year! Oh what a year it has been so far.

Here are some Hannah funnies from the first few weeks of school:

  • "It is probably not the best choice to wear my light up shoes to school today because they make it very hard to use self control at naptime!"

  • Sung at the top of her lungs, "Tonight's gonnnna be a PIG Wrestlin Niiiiight!" -We are pig wrestling tonight.

  • "When you talk to the nice cafeteria ladies this is how you do it, CHICKEN PLEASE, I do not understand why my friends can not talk loud enough for the lunch ladies to hear them."

  • "Those boys at lunch told me they were going to put chicken nuggets on me, so I told them that I would handle them, and put Apple Juice on on their heads. They are now my friends!"

  • "Mom I had to move my clip today." Me: Why Hannah: Because I was playing in the lunch line, and I banged a boy in the head. Oh and I had to sit out for 5 minutes of recess too. I think I will use self control tomorow, even though Lauren made me do it."