Saturday, January 26, 2013


We like baseball just a LITTLE Bit in our house!!! Ethan thinks that baseballs run through his blood. He recently told me; " Baseball just makes SENSE MOM!" 
We had an oppurtunity to meet some of THE Cardinal's Baseball Players at our local stadium! They signed balls and were incredibly nice! We even won a couple of door prizes! 


Ethan played basketball this year.
He has played with several of the same players and Coach's for 3 years! 

The TIGERS WON the Championship Game!!! They have tried so hard and been so close each year making it to the finals. It has been the same 2 teams in the finals for the last 3 years!!!! This year we pulled through and WON!!!!

Hannah enjoyed her 1st year of basketball!  She actually decided that she might even like it more than dancing! When asked "Why?" basketball is better than dancing she replied: "I get to talk more in basketball! Dancing is ALL work!"