Sunday, June 30, 2013

Downtown Memphis and More Baseball

Because we didn't have enough fun at the baseball game last night we came back for more today!

We started off the morning going to church. We go to a large church, so I knew it might be overwhelming. Oksana insisted that I stay in class with her, but participated in the songs and hand motions. We had the perfect teachers this week!!! God is so good!!!

We went to lunch at Jason's deli. We thought that with the huge salad bar Oksana would find something to eat here. We were right! I ordered her a kids baked potato, but also a salad bar. She ate lots of apples, carrots, hard boiled eggs, and croutons!!! we still haven't figured out what drinks she likes, but we will and water and milk are just fine!!!!

We got downtown to the ballgame a little early and decided to go venture into the Peabody Hotel!! If you have never been it is a fancy old hotel in downtown Memphis! We checked out the ducks, looked out at the river from the roof top, and even saw the baseball stadium!!!!

The baseball game was lots of fun, but seeing us crazy americans dump green slime on thenselves was probably the highlight of the night!!! We ran into friends of ours at the Ball game and Ethan and Hannah took turns getting slimed. Oksana wanted NOTHING to do with it!



In AWE!!!

Take Me out to the Ball Game!!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Home Sweet Home

She slept for 12 hours last night! We got up and got ready to head to Memphis this morning!
I am so glad we got to stay and rest some at  my sister’s house. I was so hesitant as to what to do. Do you just keep traveling and get it over with? Do you stop and take a break? We decided to take advantage of my sister’s hospitality and stay and relax for a couple of days.

With a google translated letter and pictures we headed to Memphis. I’m not sure I got the point across that we would be in the car for at least 7 hours. We are SO thankful that the a/c continued to work, since it took closer to 9 hours to get home.

We gave her a tour of the house. Her face lit up again seeing her bed and a bible in her own language. She has already went and read it several times. She seems to like the chidren’s bible more than the teen bible. She is only 9! Although they are both bible stories the children’s bible is smaller.

We took time to go through some clothes. She is so tiny. Almost all of the clothes that I bought for her are too big. My Hannah is very tall for 6 almost 7,and wears 7's and 8's. I’m glad I save a few of Hannah’s outfits from last year. 

And then We found out that Hannah is in TROUBLE!!!!! 

Hannah's nickname is THE F-5 Tornado!!!! She just brings disaster with her!  She has always been that way!  

While going though clothes with Oksana she began to pick up the dolls that her and Hannah played with on the floor. I went out of the room to do something and came back to her making Hannah's bed. I told her Thank you,  but it's Hannah's job. Maybe just maybe Oksana can bring Hannah down to an F-3!!!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Giggles and Grins

Giggles and Grins
I feel terrible, but Oksana did not want to eat anything last night for dinner. It must be the southern mama in me. I just wanted to get her fed, clean from traveling, and in a warm comfy bed. I think she was exhausted. We all were. So after a try at dinner it was bath time. 
A common occurrence with kids is lice. Especially in the orphanages or on the planes. Kids like to share all of these great things. I was prepared with shampoo etc. I did a quick spot check, and didn’t see anything. After her shower I combed all the kids hair, and still saw nothing. What a relief! For her too! 

Oksana woke up this morning in a smiling happy mood. We tried some Yogurt and that was a no go. We tried banana and got a Yes!  Then we tried some wholewheat toast and nutella!!!!! We had another winner!!! Anyone that knows our family well knows that we LOVE Nutella. Probably a little too much!
We headed to the pool after breakfast! Now that is how you bring the Grins and Giggles out!!!
Here are some things she tried today:
                Baked Potato-Ate it all including the skin
                BBQ Sauce-Liked it with Chicken
                Ice Cream-A funny face at first, but LOVES it with Chocolate ice cream

We also learned about the ice maker and water out of the fridge!!! Oh how much it is to see her face light up!!

We spent the day at the pool swimming and laughing. Oksana is a great swimmer with just enough caution!  

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


So we had a little adventure on the way to Atlanta. Our a/c in our car went out for about 3 hours today. That HOT southern sun, in the car, on the interstate is NOT fun. It was literally on one minute, and then just kept getting hotter and hotter in the car over about 10 minutes. You could hear the fan, but nothing was blowing out.
We took the HUGE blue icepack out and the kids just took turns rubbing it on their face! The kids had such great attitudes! They said, “just roll the windows down!”
After passing Birmingham and after lots of water and prayers I decided to try the air again, and it WORKED!!! Praising God!!!!
So after our little adventure we waited semi patiently at the airport. We had been in the car since 7:30. The air was out for half the trip, and now I told the kids that we had to wait at the airport for another couple hours. The icing on the cake was that it would be another hour to get to Aunt Kacie’s house. I had to remind the kids and myself that this was only a tiny piece of what the kids traveling from Eastern Europe went through to get here. Some traveled on trains for 15 hours. Then an airplane for another 20 hours to a county they have only heard about and never seen.
Finally Oksana arrived. She was terrified when it was her turn to go with her family. I cannot even imagine what she was feeling. She had been flying and traveling for almost 24 hours. She went from everyone speaking Ukrainian to no one. She cried. I cried. The translators said she may cry for a couple of days. We were all overcome with emotion. She was the tiniest one on the plane. Brave doesn’t even describe this sweet little girl. Courageous, Incredible, Strong, and Brave only begin to describe these children.
 Hannah built a build-a-bear and we got a small smile as Oksana hugged it tight!

We are headed to our Atlanta home for the next 2 nights. Thanks to my gracious sister and brother-in-law.