Saturday, September 26, 2009

Purple People Eaters

One for the therapists later in life.............My Purple People!

Pronto Pups, Funnel Cakes, and More

After a nice time with strep throat and missing the first fair in town we finally made it to the Mid-South Fair. It has moved to a new location in Mississippi this year. The kids have begged and begged to go, so Grandma, Popa, Me, and the Kiddos packed up and drove all the way to Mississippi ( A whole 20 minutes)!

The Kids had a Blast! They think they really rode the rides. Ethan can't quit talking about the motor cycle, and the $12 light up swords even made a trip to the grocery store today. Does it get any more fun than that?

Friday, September 25, 2009


We have been a little busy around here! We offically have a SOLD sign on the house!!!!!

I am so excited and nervous! Now on to the fun part of getting a new house!

Pictures of the potential new home to come soon!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I had to take my Frog off the Log

So, Hannah got in trouble at school today for playing and talking ( Big surprise)! Her teacher very nicely told me that she had a behavior report ( ummm they are 3 year olds, but ok). Her teacher said that it was 3 of them playing at rest time and not listening. She said she had to have Hannah take her Frog off the Log. Hannah only got a sticker when she went home, and did not get to pick from the treasue box.
So we are walking down the hallway, and Hannah has her head down. I asked her how her day was today. Hannah tells me that she had to take her Frog off the Log! She looks a little embarrassed and a little mad. She then proceeds to tell me that her and Colby and Olivia were talking and playing at rest time too. We talked about listening to the teacher and about how improtant it is to rest at rest time, and not play. She said ok and acted like she understood.
Just 2 minutes later in the car Hannah had to tell me something. So she says, "My teacher did not listen to me today, not Hannah did not listen to her teacher!" With all the attitude of a teenage girl! She is only THREE! What am I going to do with her at 11!

I think you left your brain at Chik-fil-a MOM!

On the way home from Chik-fil-a Ethan, Hannah, and I were playing our typical game of Slug Bug and PT Crusier! Yes we made it up to add PT Crusier, but it adds some fun to the game! Ethan finds a red PT Cruiser and calls it. Hannah screams that she needs a pink on. I proceed to tell them that it is very hard to find pink cars. Ethan says they have a pink PT cruiser at church. Ethan then looks at me in the mirror and says, "Mom, I always have my brain with me, but I think you left you brain back at Chik-fil-a!"
Guess I will be going back for it!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

1st Day of Pre-School

Hannah's first day of Pre-School. She is so Big!

Ethan's 1st Day of Kindergarten

Walking to school. Oh so Proud!
Putting on his "spray" for school!

First Stop KK next University if Tennessee!

The New Ballerina

The very serious ballerina started Ballet Class today! We watched a practice session of "Cinderella the Ballet" this past spring, and she has been dreaming of being a ballerina every since. She practices all the time. This is her serious pose at home getting ready. She has had her Ballet clothes on since she got up this morning!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

American Girl Atlanta

On our recent trip to Atlanta we went to the American Girl Bistro for Dinner and some shopping!

Hannah had a blast! It was such a little girls dream. The dolls have their own highchair to sit at the tables with you.

Meet The Wilsons!

I needed a place to keep up with all the great things that we do! I needed to remember the cute things Ethan and Hannah say each day. I need a place to show off my crafts! So here is the Wilson Family Blog. I hope to keep it up weekly at least, and let you glimpse into our lives.