Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Junk Food Day and Water Fun!!!

I worked today and Daddy entertained the kids!  He took them to see Space Chimps at the Kid's summer Movies. Popcorn and Coke! SO they weren't really hungry when they came home.
I came home for lunch and was sitting and relaxing a minute when all the sudden my children's eye got HUGE!!! There was this musical sound that kept getting louder and louder and louder!! I told E and H to run fast out front!
They knew just what was going on...............The ICE Cream MAN was in the COVE!!!!Our house backs up to a semi-busy residential street, and we hear the ice cream man LOTS, but he NEVER comes into our COVE!!! I have always promised that if he does they will get ice cream! So for lunch we had ice cream and granola bars!!!

I took pictures of the kids in front of the Ice Cream truck, but my settings were off!  
So here is Oksana enjoying LUNCH!!!

We LOVE McAlister's Resaurant!  I am not ashamed to say that cooking is not my strongest gift. I can cook some things, but am grateful to have someone else do it. Tuesday night is Kids Eat free at McAlister's Deli.  I feel like it is healthier than fast food, and the very best part is it is connected to a field. So, the adults get to talk and the gets get to burn off their energy!  
Today was HOT!! So, I let the girls dump water on their heads!  Oksana thought Hannah was crazy, but then wanted to try! 

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