Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lions, and Tigers and Bears OH My!!! A trip to the zoo!

Just a warning this post is full of pictures!!!
We have a fabulous ZOO here!  I got my dates mixed up and thought Sunday night was Members night. Well Members night was Saturday, so after church the kids and I packed a picnic and headed to the Zoo while Daddy worked.
It was HOT!!! The kids loved playing in the water.  I'm pretty sure that we didn't really have to look at any animals.  They did LOVE looking at the animals when I dragged them away from the water.
Oksana's favorite were the Polar Bears, Ethans were the Snakes/Alligators, and Hannah's were the Pandas.

Playing on the rocks in the water. 

All the Animals

More Water Play

Little Giraffes

One of my favorite shots!  Sitting in the Bubble watching the Sea Lion

The sea lion was so interactive. He kept coming up to the glass and doing flips. It was as if he was playing with the kids!  

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