Thursday, July 11, 2013

Press Dough AS Seen ON TV

My kids have this crazy connection with their grandma. First, we don't have cable so most of the tv the kids watch is commercial free, but when they do see a commercial it is like it takes over their brain. This is especially true to As Seen On TV ads.  My kids write down the website/phone number and then call grandma because they know that there is NO WAY mommy is buying it.
Here is what they have convinced her to buy so far:
Press dough-Kind of like playdough cookies
Stompeez-They only work some of the time
Pillow Pets-Unicorn, and Panda
Slushie Magic-Let me just tell you that my arm is about to break off after we are done Slushing
Ice Cream Magic-Let's just say that it has never worked 
Monster thing-I really can't remember what this one was called, but it was supposed to be a hat. I THINK!

Imagine if we had cable and they saw all the commercials!!!

Ok so I bought sugar cookie dough and we pulled out the Press Dough Magic! 
The girls had a blast playing with colorful dough and baking the cookies. Maybe I used just a little too much food coloring because you could taste it just a bit too much. 

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